Directed / written / produced by Deeh

Camera / produced: Michael Racette and Deeh


Danielle Hubbard
Jason Deeh Pitre
Sophie Ricard
Yann Faussurier
Frederic Chaput
Patrick Doucet
Set Landerich
Angie Boudreau
Nikki Lewis
Liette Pitre
James Lewis
Jesse Lewis
Michael Racette
Manu Gagnon
Jocelyn Guitard
Andrew Lank
Christine Saunders
Vincent Tremblay
Roxanne Fraser
Ariane Michaud-Rancourt

Danielle Hubbard

Besides her classical dance training, Danielle Hubbard is a choreographer, an interpreter and a dance teacher. She has performed for Pointépiednu, Ballets Jazz Toussaint, Cirque Carmégniole, Cirque Eloize, Mia Maur Danse, Momentum, Trinity with Louis Guillemette, Cirque du Soleil's Solstrom and Brouhaha Danse, in which she performed the title role as Giselle. In keeping with her obsession with all things underground and subversive, she sang for the hardcore-punk tribal band Bodybag and Maruka, a progressive rock group. These days she performs with Kevin Jones as Blodewed, a batcave/goth band and teaches her rage dance class, Ragerobie, twice a week.

During her long career, Danielle performed with the Shayda d'Ottawa ballet compagnie for six years and with the New Dance Ensemble in Cleveland, Ohio. Recently, she is a member of Cirque Exos in Geneva, Switzerland and lives there part time. She has acted in a handful of films, most notably the role of Jeanne in CQ2 (Seek You Too) in which she plays a troubled dancer. Affinity Point is her 6th film.

Film credits:
Affinity Point (2010)
Pyraga (2009)
Cul-De-Sac (2009)
Who is KK Downey? (2008)
300 (2006)
CQ2 (Seek You Too) (2004)
The Hunger (TV) (1999)

Jason Deeh Pitre

The multi-talented Deeh (full name Jason Deeh Pitre) is a musician, composer, film director, actor, writer and artist. He is best known as the frontman of the shoegaze/electro supergroup The Scroll. As a teenager, he won numerous national and provincial awards for his artistic ability in painting and sketching. He studied acting and dancing for 3 years at the Tantramar Theater of Performing Arts, but dropped out because of his growing interest in music.

As a self-taught musician, Deeh has played in numerous bands such as Scroll, Dogwalker, Jett Monette and The Giggolos, Freakency, Deeh, Cheese Machine and Ogenix. In 2004, he did the official music for the Canada Winter Games and formed The Scroll that same year. They released their first album 'Swan Soliloquy of a Deehrelict' in late 2005 and toured during most of 2006. The next year, Deeh split his focus between directing music videos and having a successful career directing adult movies, eventually becoming one of Canada's premiere directors in the genre.

Recently, Deeh is in the process of writing his first book as he tours with The Scroll in support of their second release '...and the man who sees his own wraith...'. Affinity Point is his first feature film.

Selected Filmography:
Affinity Point (2010)
Girl Loses Her Head (V) (2009)
The Solution (The Pocket Rocket Rep.) (V) (2009)
Anti-Acne (Suicide) (V) (2007)
To Be a Sadist (You Have to Act Questionable) (V) (2007)
The Coloring Book (V) (2006)
Btw, This is a Love Song to Myself (V) (2006)
How Goddamned Delightful It All is to be Sure (V) (2006) * Co-directed with Julie Haché